Sunday, October 10, 2010

Portland Modern Quilt Guild--Quilting Bee

Hey all, let's get the ball rolling for this quilting bee we've been discussing! These are some general guidelines, which we can definitely alter due to your feedback, just let me know how we want to run this! I've organized and participated in some block swaps on another site, but haven't participated in a regular online "quilting bee" so I'm happy to take suggestions.

This quilting bee will be for 12 people for 12 months, with everyone quilting for 1 person a month.

Each person will be assigned  (or sign-up for) a specific month. The month before that person will bring her 12 fabric packets that she has selected and cut to the meeting to hand out to everyone. If she misses that meeting she will need to ship out her fabric packets. The following month her quilt blocks and extra fabric will be returned to her and the next person will give out their fabric packets.

In each fabric packet there should be at least 3/8 yard total of a minimum of 3 different fabrics. This should be sufficient for a 12.5 inch unfinished block, with leeway for various patterns. Also include your name and any instructions you might have for your fellow quilters--such as if you prefer a particular type/size of block. If you are ok with people making extra blocks for you or if you want to allow them to keep a small bit of your fabric for a postage stamp quilt, please also include that type of information.

Everyone who wants to participate in this bee will be added to this blog so they can make their own posts. Just let me know in the comments that you want to participate (and I need your email address to add you, please put that info if it is not accessible from your signature/blog link). That way when it is your month you can leave a copy of your note that you include with your fabric here and we can post the blocks we make as we go along.


  1. Sign me up! Even with the little one coming I can still handle one block a month.
    So we would bring our fabric to one meeting and get our blocks back at the next? Ex. I bring my fabric packets to the Nov meeting and would get my blocks back in Dec along with the next participant's fabric?
    I loved the LQS on Crafster but the shipping got to be too much. This should be awesome.

  2. Yep, that's how I envision it working. For anyone that misses a meeting we'll have to figure out other arrangements but hopefully we can pass along the majority of the blocks and fabric without anyone paying shipping.

  3. I already am pretty sure I will be missing Dec's meeting so I will just have to get my block done early and pass it along to you to return in early Dec. :)

  4. Pretty much! Maybe I can bring it up at the meeting again.

  5. I'm in! sounds like fun ... just need to get it out to others! doesn't sound like too much to do and I love doing this kind of thing!

  6. Yeah Elsa! A lot of people commented in the other thread that they were interested, I think it's more a matter of people getting replies to the thread.